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Hello, world!

My name is Jennifer Cox. I thought I would begin my blog by explaining my motivation to create it and its meaning.

I worked for five years as a print journalist at newspapers throughout Florida. I absolutely loved the world of journalism, but when the bottom began dropping out for print media, I felt I needed to contribute somehow (and, selfishly, try to secure a line of work that will still be around in 10 years).

With that in mind, I decided to go back to school, first to the University of Alabama as a Knight Fellow, then to the University of Florida for my doctorate. I hope to be a college professor.

My reasons for deciding this are two-fold:

1) I want to help my friends still in the field prepare for the changes new media convergence will bring to their industry through research and recommendations for management.

2) I want to be able to help my  students understand that, these days, there is more to being a print journalist than having writing skills.

“78 Picas” refers to the size of an average print newspaper’s broadsheet. It is my nod to the ink-on-your-hands “old media” that is being phased out by online media and convergence practices.

I will use this site to organize my dissertation research and interests by summarizing studies, posts, and reports that I find related to my research field. Also, I will try to post some pictures, as I just enjoy photography!

Things are changing on a daily basis in journalism. We need to adapt if we want to survive.

Hopefully, this site will be a step toward salvation.


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