Convergence Musings

A friend alerted me to this post from regarding newsroom perspectives on converging newsrooms.

Having worked in several newsrooms that are in the midst of trying to figure out this phenomenon, I think responses to some of the posts questions could really run the gamut, from “convergence at my paper is the wave of the future” to “convergence at my paper is a catastrophe.”

How convergence is handled at each publication really is unique. Unfortunately, one paper handling it better than another may just prolong the life of the paper a bit, but it won’t save it.

Until we can figure out a revenue stream to compensate for the ad space being stolen by dot-coms, like Craig’s List or Vehix, newspapers will be in trouble.

It’s sad, but true.



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2 responses to “Convergence Musings

  1. Do the “little” ads like want ads really make up that much of the revenue?

    • 78picas

      Classified ads are the bread and butter of the newspaper. Not only do they account for a lot of revenue, it is often one of the most-read sections of the paper, behind obits!

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