Roll on Rocky Mountain!

“When the Rocky closed, it was traumatic, shocking. It was a hard blow. It was a death. This is sort of like a phoenix.” — RMN reporter Tillie Fong

The Rocky Mountain News isn’t throwing in the towel yet!

Like, perhaps, many of my peers, I cheered out loud when I read this: Ex-Rocky Mountain News staffers plan news Web site.

Here is “the plan.”

Basically, 50,000 people must agree to subscribe to the paper for $4.99 each month by April 23. If they meet their goal, Rocky Mountain News staffers will go live with a Web-only edition of the newspaper on May 4, called

Could this be a new, successful business model for newspapers? We’ll find out in about a month!

On behalf of journalists everywhere, we’re pulling for you Rocky Mountain!



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2 responses to “Roll on Rocky Mountain!

  1. I’d definitely subscribe to a “local” on line newspaper.

  2. Wow. I missed this news. I am really anxious to see how this plays out. I think this could be an awesome biz model, if it works.

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