Cue the Tumbleweeds

USA Today had an interesting story this week regarding the disastrous state of newspapers. True to form, the story glistened with graphics, like this one illustrating the staggering number of papers cutting jobs and salaries.


The article does a great job chronicling the rapid downfall of our beloved industry, but be warned: there is certainly nothing optimistic about it.

The latest paper to add to the growing list of those mandating salary cuts is my own, Florida Times-Union. Staffers were informed last night of gasp-inspiring salary cuts that will take effect almost immediately.

It’s not so much the money, but the permanency of it all that stings.

Worse, USA Today also posted this tidbit of information: Survey says: Many newspapers won’t be missed. According to the survey, “nearly 30 percent said there would be other ways to get news if their local paper shut down.”

Forgive them — they know not what they do…

Without local newspapers acting as community watchdogs, corruption will run rampant. Bloggers cannot possibly keep it all in check. And without newspapers, who will TV news producers rip off their stories from?

I know, I know… I’m preaching to the choir.


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