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Amen, Alec!

Alec Baldwin says what all of us in the newspaper business are screaming, here.

A highlight:

“I hope that one does not need to own a computer and a high speed connection in order to stay connected with the world of news and opinion.”


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A bailout for journalists?

The Huffington Post announced earlier this week that it is creating a fund to sponsor investigative journalism projects (read more here).

Huffington and her team has allocated $1.75 million to pay laid off journalists for investigative stories, videos, etc. They are already interviewing reporters and editors and accepting proposals.

I think this is a fantastic grass roots effort within the journalism community to show that we have lost neither hope nor compassion for our peers. This is one of the many ongoing “save journalism” projects 78 Picas will be following in the coming months.

My prediction: journalists who were rewarded for their years of service and hard work with a pink slip will take this opportunity to flex their reporting muscles with renewed energy and sense of purpose. I applaud The Post’s efforts to respect the demand for quality journalism and those who do it.

They cannot do it on their own, though. It’s up to the readers to show — through subscriptions, page views and comments — how much they value depth reporting, effectively giving it a chance to survive.

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