Wicked Smart

Boston.com recently announced the launch of several new community Web sites, called “Your Town” (see article here). The sites cater to small comunities, and they feature a blend of editorial and community-contributed content.

“You can’t rely just on user-generated content,” said Bob Kempf, vice president, product and technology at Boston.com..

These sites truly are the wave of the future. It is personal news featuring things that affect me personally, and I, the reader, have a say in it.

Here’s the best part:

“Those four sites average each month roughly 100,000 page views — double the forecasted estimate.”

And more exciting still:

“Kempf said that on average ads cost $250 to $300 per month and can be clustered and targeted geographically. More than half the advertisers — especially the small ones — are new to the Boston Globe. Kempf declined to say how much ad revenue Your Town has generated thus far, but said they were ahead of their revenue projections.”

This is journalism WORKING! It is so refreshing to see someone succeeding at this online venture. Boston.com seems to understand what the public really wants from their Internet news, and they are delivering it with results no one else in the industry can claim.


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