Newspaper PR

Some great statistics from a recent Newspaper Association of America piece by Mort Goldstrom:

ß People still read, respect and even treasure reading
newspapers.  Scarborough Research reports that more
than 100 million adults read a printed newspaper on
an average weekday (and more than 115 million on
Sunday).  Compare that to 94 million that watch the
Super Bowl, 23 million who have viewed American Idol
and 64 million who typically watch the late local news.

ß Newspaper readership in the top 50 markets
has declined about 6 percent in the past five years
(according to Scarborough).  Compare that to a 10
percent decline in prime time audience and a 6 percent
decline in early evening local TV news in 2007 alone.

ß 62 percent of 18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds
read a newspaper in an average week. 64 percent and
66 percent, respectively, visited a newspaper Web site
in the past seven days. So much for the notion that
younger people don’t read newspapers.

ß A recent poll by independent researcher Doug
Schoen showed that 75 percent of adults and 84 percent
of “elites” read newspapers everyday or several times
a week to inform them about the election.  More
than half agreed that newspapers provided definitive
information that guided both the networks and cable
stations in reporting the news.


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