Innovation = Moving On

Lending some credence to my non-profit argument from yesterday: NYT considers foundation funding for news.

From the Poynter article:

Whatever you call it, what’s happening spotlights an important step in how we’ll pay for the news: finding some workable alternatives to news organizations shelling out big bucks required to cover important news in far-away places.

They’re thinking of borrowing ideas from, a unique new site that is raising money from readers to send its reporters overseas to cover important stories.

There are so many experts who don’t believe people will pay for the news, like this one criticizing micropayments and this one featuring complete disbelief that people will ever pay for news.

I agree, to a certain extent, that newspaper subscribership will not work the same online as it did with a print product. However, I think people are willing to fork over money for news if the newspaper includes the reader in the product.

For instance, news sites like Voice of San Diego ask readers to contribute money for specific items. For instance, $1,000 buys a reporter a laptop. And, clearly, is having luck asking readers to pay for the stories they want done.

Newspaper editors need to take innovation seriously. It doesn’t mean the recycling of old ideas (subscribing to newspapers); it means the generation of new ideas for a new, evolving audience.


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