Multimedia Teaching Tools

I recently completed a multimedia package of teaching tools aimed at teaching undergraduates how to cover a police beat for a newspaper.

Check out the video: Pounding the Pavement: A Day On the Police Beat

Check out the audio slide show: Understanding the Police Beat

Ultimately, I would love to teach an online class that introduces students to many of the beats at a traditional newspaper. Ideally, students would watch/listen to the multimedia teaching tools, then they would go out and cover a story on that beat. Simultaneously, they would blog about the issues they encountered while on the beat.

Perhaps someday…



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2 responses to “Multimedia Teaching Tools

  1. Jen — Both of these are excellent! You have a gift for putting together instructional materials, and you now have the first unit of your online class. Keep working on this — even without an actual class, you could put together a DVD and sell it.

    Your lead man seemed so familiar . . . have I seen his work before? But that burglar? Hmmmmm.

    • 78picas

      Thanks so much, Anne. I’m hoping I’ll get to teach a course like this someday. There is so much potential for online teaching. I’m kind of thinking of some instructional version of our first Grand Rounds course.

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